Explore Our Gallery Celebrating Immigration

to New Zealand

Welcome to the HY Immigration & Investment Limited immigration gallery. Here, we invite you to discover a collection of photos and stories that reflect the success and fulfilment our clients have experienced through our immigration services. Browse through our gallery to witness the memorable moments, testimonials and achievements of individuals who have entrusted us with their immigration journey.


Celebrating Success and Inspiring Journeys

Our gallery celebrates our clients’ remarkable success stories and inspiring journeys. Each image represents a unique immigration story, filled with hope, determination and the realisation of dreams. These pictures, from the joyous smiles of new residents to the milestones achieved by students and the achievements of skilled migrants, showcase the transformative power of immigration and the invaluable role we play in making these dreams a reality.


Media Coverage

HY Immigration has garnered significant attention and recognition within New Zealand, leading to multiple interviews with prominent news outlets. These interviews serve as a testament to the company’s reputation and standing within the industry, highlighting its valuable insights and unique perspective on immigration matters in New Zealand. HY Immigration continues to engage with the media, sharing their expertise and providing valuable information to a wider audience.

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